Matt Smith, the man who keeps BHS athletes healthy

Aidan O'Sullivan, Senior Reporter

Matt Smith has been the athletic trainer for all Burlingame sports teams since 2005. Prior to working at Burlingame, Smith was a physical therapist at various clinics, as well as an athletic trainer at a high school in San Jose. Smith decided to become an athletic trainer because it encompassed everything he was looking for in a career path. 

“I decided to become an Athletic Trainer because I had found a job that gave me the opportunity to be around sports and also be involved in those sports,” Smith said. “With this job I am able to help the athletes from injury to rehab. I can help them progress through the phases of rehab to be able to get back onto the field/court/pool to participate in the sport that they love.”  

Smith is vital to all coaching staff, and he plays a significant role in the student athletes’ experiences in Burlingame athletics, as well. 

 “Matt has impacted nearly all the athletes at BHS; without him kids wouldn’t get back to playing from injuries as quickly,” senior Leo Epstein, who plays football, said. “His role is crucial to BHS athletics. He prevents tons of injuries by taping athletes before the game, and if injuries happen, he helps kids rehab and come back as soon as possible.”