BHS students Larissa Qian runs a popular food Instagram

Larissa Qian is a 16-year-old junior at Burlingame High School who has 730 followers on her food Instagram sanfoodcisco. She decided to create this account in May 2015 after being frustrated with the lack of food accounts that focused solely on the eateries in the Bay Area.

“I used to follow a lot of Instagram food accounts that claimed to be in certain areas like the Bay Area, but they would have food from places outside California, and I thought that was really misleading, and wanted to look at only food places in and around San Francisco so I could Yelp them then go to the restaurant myself,” Qian said.

Qian said that her next steps are to develop further her sanfoodcisco blog that she decided to create so she can not only show the dishes but also to rate the food and eatery based on ambiance, taste, service, and overall experience.

“I think that the next natural step would be to continue the blog, but I need more time in my life to be able to do that because there is a lot that comes with having a blog.”

Qian is part of Model United Nations club, Philosophy Club, the YMCA Youth and Government program, is the president of both the One Dollar for Life club and the Leo’s Club. Also, Larissa plays tennis during the fall and swims during the spring.

Having a blog means checking emails numerous times a day, having new and interesting material to post daily, and writing actual restaurant reviews, which is difficult to do as a full-time student.

Since she has started her internship with Kevin Longa’s TASTE a food documentary, Qian has become more interested in the taste of the food and where the ingredients came from and the establishments themselves.

“sanfoodcisco started out as being just for fun, but it has almost become my identity in a way,” Qian said.

Qian doesn’t have a favorite place to eat because she loves so many restaurants.

“Every time I go out to eat I now think about more than just the food. I think about the presentation and the lighting of a restaurant, and whether or not it’s ‘sanfoodcisco worthy’ as my friends and I call it,” Qian said.

“There’s a whole process when my friends and I go out to eat of all of us being super hungry but not caring because we got to get the picture for the Insta[gram].”

Though Qian is a total “foodie” she only eats out two or three times a week. However, she does recommend Judahlicious a vegan cafe with locally grown ingredients on Judah street in San Francisco.

“They have the best acai bowls. I have a picture of one on sanfoodcisco and it’s one of my favorite pictures because the colors are so vibrant,” Qian said.

She never expected the number of followers her blog would have, and she is really enjoying watching the experience that comes with having a food account.

Many of her classmates follow her blog and enjoy her posts.

“She has a really good eye for appealing food, and I really like looking at the pictures on her account. It really has something for everyone and as a vegetarian, I appreciate the variety of fruits and vegetables on her Instagram,” junior Alana Hroziencik said.

Be sure to follow Qian’s Instagram account @sanfoodcisco.

Posted on January 29, 2016 .