Halloween Movies to Watch

As the month of October begins, Halloween is in the air, and anxious tricker treaters are ready to receive their bucket loads of candy. But, as teenagers or parents it is a bit unconventional for you to go out and dress as princesses and mutant ninja turtles. So here are six flix that will help you pass the time! And remember, these movies are better when watched with some popcorn and candy!


Hocus Pocus (PG)

Number one on our list of spooky Halloween films is 90’s classic Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus centers around two siblings who move to a new town. After ignoring their new friends story about witches, one of the main characters accidentally frees a coven of witches into their town. It is then up to them to catch these witches and keep them from becoming immortals. To find out whether these siblings are able to catch these mischievous witches be sure to add this film to your rentals. Hocus Pocus is a must watch this Halloween.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (PG)

Number Two on the list is once again another 90’s classic, The Nightmare before Christmas. For many of you this may be a blast from the past that you just have to watch again! The Nightmare Before Christmas encompases all the spooks about Halloween. The film centers around the misadventures of Halloweentowns’ pumpkin king, Jack Skellington as he grows tired of his routine of scaring trick or treaters in the real world, and decides to hatch out a plan to kidnap santa clause. The Nightmare Before Christmas teaches viewers about the importance of being good and that there is always time to set things right.

Casper (PG)

Third on our list is Burlingame recommended by one of our own Seniors, Sarah Intrieri. “Everyone has to watch Casper at least once! Its one of my favorites, it's about this adorable nice ghost that haunts a house in maine and falls in love with the daughter of this ghost communicator who moves in.” Casper is not just about this love aspect but also contains a bit of action as Casper deals with fighting off his pesky apparition uncles who are always up to no good.

Halloween Town (G)

Fourth on the list is a Disney classic, Halloween Town! Halloween Town centers around Marnie Piper, a girl who finds out she's a witch and must attempt to save an entire town from other mischievous supernatural creatures. To find out if Marnie is able to save her town from disaster, watch Halloweentown this Halloween!

Monster House (PG)

Our fifth flick is a bit more on the newer side but it will still keep you on your toes! Monster House tells the story of three kids who claim that a house is alive and wants to harm them. As Halloween comes around these kids realize they must find a way to destroy the house before it makes innocent trick or treaters disappear. Will the kids destroy the house? Or, will they simply become three more victims the house has taken? Add Monster House to your queue this Halloween, to find out.

Twitches (PG)

Our Last movie is a teen favorite: Twitches! Twitches recounts the story of two sisters who reunite on their 21 birthday after having been separated at birth. Once reunited, these twins lives are turned upside down as they learn who they truly are and that they must save their kingdom before it is taken over by the forces of darkness. If you had any doubts about watching this famous flick, take senior Xiomara Albans word who also recommended this flick saying “You have to watch Twitches! I was obsessed with it when it came out. I would watch it whenever it was on!”


If you just happen to find yourself unoccupied this Halloween, be sure to check our list again and watch one of our top six Halloween flix!


Posted on October 26, 2016 .