Industries are being hurt by online entertainment

Technology has become one of the staples in the lives of many and with new inventions being created every day, it can be  hard to keep up. The Entertainment Industry is a prevalent industry that has evolved greatly over time due to the evolution of technology . An industry that once consisted of films located in local blockbusters or showings in drive-in theater to an industry that now thrives from sit-in theatres, Redbox, and online streaming sites such as Hulu and Netflix.

Drive in movie theaters, were extremely popular during the 1960’s when the car industry's success was at one of its peaks. Over time, however, the impact of VCR and Cable television grew, and people found that watching films from home was much more convenient than going out.

Then came the creation of Blockbuster which was a movie company founded in 1985. It consisted of a chain of movie and video game rental shops where people could go and find a wide selection of old and new films to watch from the comfort of their homes. Blockbuster could not compete with the creation of Netflix & Redbox; it declared bankruptcy in 2010 and when no buyers could be found the company was shut down, putting an end to a significant form of entertainment in the lives of many.

The evolution in forms of entertainment has both positively and negatively affected many. Some feel that it has disconnected us from old forms of gatherings, having to go out and socialize with family and friends while enjoying a film. To today where you will most likely find yourself being glued to a laptop screen at home while eating junk food.

Others feel that these new forms of entertainment have created a more financially attainable way to watch movies and TV shows.

For some, it can be a shame to see old forms of entertainment disappear because many have pleasant memories that they can associate with them. However, progress is inevitable and the only thing we can do is accept it.

Posted on December 24, 2016 .