Couples at Burlingame High School

Love is in the air this time of year, and Burlingame High School is no exception. Lots of teenagers first experience dating, relationships, and maybe even love while in high school. This is what four BHS couples had to say about their experiences.


Freshmen Brian Guzman and Zulema Morales

Brain Guzman and Zulema Morales have known each other since kindergarten and have been dating for almost six months.

The pair agrees that it’s important to have a balance between their academics, social lives, and relationship and believe that they’re doing a pretty good job at maintaining that balance so far.

When asked what dating meant to them, Guzman said, “it’s having someone that you care about be there when you need them.”

The couple agreed that communication is important in order to have a healthy relationship, and they enjoy long walks on the beach just talking.

“We went to Halloween Haunt at Great America and we went on rides and in haunted houses together,” Morales said about the best date they’ve ever been on.








Sophomores Diego Escobedo and Nicole Malik

Diego Escobedo and Nicole Malik met through friends and have been going out for a year.

What did they first notice about each other?

"I noticed how outgoing he was," Malik said and

For Escobedo, "I noticed her laugh."

Many believe that dating in high school is distracting, but when asked if having a partner is an academic hinderance, Escobedo answered, “It’s actually helped [academics] because she’s someone who helps me out with homework and studying.”

“We have a lot of the same friends so we all hang out together” Malik said about the pair’s social life.

The couple seems to share a common belief that a relationship should stem naturally from friendship, and that it’s difficult for a couple to be together if their friends are too different.

“In order to date someone I think they have to be one of your closest friends” Escobedo said.

As for the best date Escobedo and Malik have been on, “One time we went mini golfing at Urban Putt in San Francisco, then we went to get ice cream afterwards” Malik said.


Juniors Jack Phillips and Josie Licavoli

 Artwork by Josephine Licavoli

Artwork by Josephine Licavoli

Josie Licavoli and Jack Phillips have been friends since eighth grade and a couple since April 2015.

When asked what Phillips first noticed about Licavoli, he said, “I didn’t notice just one thing, Josie is Josie so it’s like this whole package.”

“We don’t label our relationship because just calling Josie my girlfriend is very limiting, whereas to me she is something more. When you really feel something for someone you can’t really put one word on how you feel” Phillips said when asked why he and Licavoli don’t like to label their relationship.

Licavoli was asked what the difference is between her relationship with Phillips and having a “thing,” and she replied, “Being in a ‘thing’ is dumb and superficial and lacks emotional intimacy, and you’re not sure you like the person enough to date them. It’s like not labelling the relationship, but in a negative way.”

“I think it’s important not to categorize yourself and just love” Phillips said.

“The best date we’ve ever been on was for our birthdays. We went camping and ate dinner and s’mores in a forest” Licavoli said.








Seniors Nathan Silverman and Ashley Coskey

Ashley Coskey and Nathan Silverman first met in their freshman year biology class and have been dating for two years.

“I noticed that she was always happy, fun to be around. She always made everyone happy,”, Silverman said about Coskey.

When asked what Coskey first noticed about SIlverman, she answered, “He was really caring, he listened, and he was just a kind person to be around.”

Silverman and Coskey are in agreement to be open about how their relationship will be after high school.

“We haven’t really decided anything yet, we’re probably going to take things as they come. We’re not going to put a deadline or an expiration date on our relationship. We’ll see where it takes us,” Coskey said.

To Silverman, dating means “spending time with someone you really care about and being able to count on them.”

“On our first date we went to the city during Christmas time, and we had planned to go ice skating but they were sold out. We had a really cute dinner and we ended up walking around and talking a lot.” Coskey said.

“We got stuck on Bart and lost in a really shady area” Silverman added .

“Being in love is different than just love. You feel like they’re part of you and it’s just weird when they’re not around. When i think of love, I think about that feeling of having butterflies in your stomach,” Coskey said.

Posted on February 13, 2016 .