Welcome to the (BHS) crib

Burlingame High School students in the psychology class were tasked with taking care of ‘babies’ for three weeks. These ‘babies’ started as eggs and soon grew to be bags of flour. Here are some proud parents showing off their beautiful children and telling you want they have learned from this brief, but inspirational, journey of parenthood.

“[parenting] is hard… You’ve got to nurture them…. Getting no sleep and, you know, breastfeeding. It’s rough… I’ve been carrying two, I had twins… You find things out about yourself that you never knew”- Amanda Teoman

“It sucks when you have a horrible mom, when the wife leaves you. It’s just, it’s hard” -Andrew Icardi and Carlos Arguello

“Babies are fragile.”- Andrew Icardi

“Parenting is a lot harder than you think it would be.”     -Brendan Garret


“This is Darnell here. He is an organic egg from Mollie Stone's. I have taken him to many [study] seshes...he has been boolin’ with me like on the right side . He rides shawty with me.” -Carlos Arguello


“This is my baby Gertrude. You know I first bought Gertrude thinking you know she was just an egg. But um, it’s been a couple days now, and I’m starting to really develop a connection to her. And um, to be honest I don’t really know what i’m gonna do without her. And um in about a week she’s gonna turn into a bag of flour. And uh, she’s gonna be a big girl… It’s taught me a lot and um, she’s my baby girl.”- Andrew Icardi

“It’s too easy.” -Justin Murphy

Posted on April 20, 2016 .