What would you do if you met your favorite celebrity?

The theory “Six Degrees of Separation” states that any person in the world is linked to another through a maximum of six steps. Theoretically, you could name your favorite celebrity and happily know that you are somehow connected to them.  But as much as we try, meeting a celebrity--let alone talking with them--seems undoubtedly impossible. This is where Serri Kayed comes in.  It’s not everyday that your idol invites you to sit down and discuss the future of the beauty industry.

This month, Serri was invited to meet YouTube sensation Michelle Phan at her house in Los Angeles, California.  Phan, often referred to as the pioneer of makeup tutorials, has over 8 million subscribers to her YouTube channel and over a million subscribers to her monthly beauty sampling service, Ipsy.  Serri was one of the few students selected from the Bay Area to discuss with Phan their opinions on the beauty industry.  Serri, who has followed Phan since her early blogging days on Xanga, recognizes her as one of his biggest influences to date, behind American television personality Dr. Phil.

“Michelle has really paved the way for future makeup gurus on YouTube,” says Serri.  “I truly admire her driving leadership of three major beauty companies.”

Besides chatting with Phan about the business behind the industry, Serri also had the opportunity to create cosmetic products in the Lancome factory.  Under the guidance of Phan and scientists, Serri was introduced to new formulas (makeup formulas, not quadratic!) and beauty products still undisclosed to the public.  Applying his knowledge from AP Chemistry, Serri formulated three liquid lipsticks and two foundations that the company is now considering adding to their upcoming summer collection.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity left Serri both inspired and appreciative.  

“Speaking and working with Michelle was a completely enlightening experience for me, both emotionally and academically” says Serri.  “I feel so much more empowered, and it’s always great to know that what I’m studying in school can be applied to the real world!”

Posted on May 9, 2016 .