New Digital Photography Class Accepted By Students and Administration

Burlingame High School’s growing digital photography program is gaining traction due to the commitment of the teacher, Steve Erle, and a select group of students who expressed interest in bringing formal photography education to Burlingame High. Erle said that he found that, “we were the only school in the district that didn’t offer a digital photography class.” Since Erle also teaches Art of Video, much of the equipment needed to start the class was already available to students. The class has been well supported by the district, and a recent CTE grant has allowed for the class to buy new cameras that are rumored to arrive in September. Erle is interested in offering an option for students to continue their photography education at Burlingame and says he, “is in discussions about that” and “there is a course on the books that other schools in the district are offering.” This course would give students a way to continue to a more advanced course.

Brida Kirwan, a sophomore currently enrolled in the class, says that when she entered the class she wasn’t experienced with photography, but she is, “excited and loves the class so far.”

Mr. Erle says his mission in the class is to teach kids, “to take good photos intentionally, not accidentally.” With the support that the school and district are devoting to the class, it is likely that the class will be able to achieve this mission.

Posted on September 28, 2016 .