Homecoming Bowl participants will not be chosen by raffle

After an extended debate over whether or not 2017 Homecoming Bowl participants should be selected by a randomized raffle process, senior sports commissioners Gianna Garcia and Sabrina Schmid announced that the system for choosing players will remain a first-come-first-serve method.

Just like previous years, an email was sent to all juniors and seniors with an attached Google form, where interested students can sign up. Priority is given to students who sign up first. However, this system has not always worked smoothly.

“Last year they had issues with people not being able to access the Google form or just not having a fair chance,” Schmid said.

Senior Nicole Brunicardi, a player on the junior team last year, also remembers the old method of choosing Homecoming Bowl participants as having flaws.

“There was a lot of conflict,” Brunicardi said. “People were on it but then the Google form had to be sent again, and then the girls who weren’t on it before got on it. It was kind of confusing.”

“I think that because it is a tradition, and because it is a part of our school and being spirited and part of our senior year especially, I feel like anyone that wants to participate should be able to participate in the game and have fun,” senior Amber Moss said.

There was also serious discussion about changing the Homecoming Bowl from a lunch game to a night game, but Garcia and Schmid have decided to keep last year’s schedule and have the game during the school day. The change will not go through because many registered participants already have a conflict at night on Nov. 3.

“We have decided [the game] will be at lunch because the coaches are all football players and they all have a dinner at night on Friday before their game on Saturday,” Garcia said. “Hopefully next year we can figure out a different day and do it at night.”

Despite some confusion about the organization of this year’s game, Burlingame High students still embrace the Homecoming Bowl as one of their favorite events of the year.

“You’ve been with the same girls in your grade for four years, and it’s kind of nice to all get together, to be competitive,” Brunicardi said. “Since the guys have the Little Big Game, it’s something to look forward to for the girls.”

Posted on October 26, 2017 .