Drone Club, The Place To Be On Thursdays At Lunch


Every Thursday for 30 minutes, friends gather in room C113 to fly drones and socialize over lunch. During the club meetings, which were started by experienced drone pilot sophomore Aristotle Marangu, students learn to navigate the controls of drones and eventually perform certain tasks with them.

“We learn how to fly drones and we get used to it so we can be educated in it,” sophomore Josh Wong said.

Wong, an original member of the club, describes the it as a fun weekly experience.

The club is filled with the constant sound of laughter and the whirring of propellers as the flyers concentrate on the task at hand involving the drone. On Nov. 2, Marangu taught the club how to land a drone. Each week has a similar fun task. For the non-flyers, Drone club offers a safe haven from the chaos of the school week.

“We usually fly drones, sometimes I make a powerpoint that teaches them stuff or informs them of new rules in place,” Marangu said, commenting on the average lunch in Drone club.

With the knowledge gained in this club, members will become skilled drone flyers, and will retain the ability to fly drones away from the guidance of Marangu. Throughout the year so far, the members who have made an effort to learn new skills have become proficient drone flyers. They have learned so fast that they decided to mass order drones so those who want can have their own to fly in and outside of school.

This lunchtime club, although already consisting of around 20 people each week, is always open to new faces. The members, along with Marangu, encourage new members to join in on the fun, while also gaining valuable information on the use of drones.

“People with a genuine interest in drones or people who just want to come hang out and stay in a cool club.” Marangu said, talking about the type of people who should join.

To participate in the club, drop by room C113 on Thursdays during lunch to fly drones and enjoy the company of its members.

Posted on November 26, 2017 .