Annual Cultural Assembly on March 21

The annual International Assembly is on Tuesday, March 21. This year, 12 groups will perform, representing countries from all over the world.

This year’s Cultural Assembly was organized by junior Tori Rickman and senior Julia Servulo.  Performances will include dancing, singing, and skits.  

Returning to the International Assembly is senior Jamie Carey, who will be representing Ireland along with freshman Brendan Healy, senior Siobhan Healy, sophomore Julia Maxwell, and junior Rachel Maxwell.

“It’s a family thing. Something I do to stay in touch with my culture,” Carey says about Irish step dancing.  “And it’s fun.”

For Carey and Healy, who have been dancing since they were four years old, this is their fourth and final time performing in the International Assembly.  

Representing France with a variation from the ballet Paquita is junior Lily Navab.  She has been dancing for 14 years since she was two years old.

“It’s a way I can express my and let go of my emotions,” Navad says.  “It’s an art, but still a sport.”  This will be Navab’s first time performing in the International Assembly.

New to this year’s International Assembly lineup is an original skit performed by sophomores Eric Broman and Nikolas Kedefors, who are representing Sweden.  Broman says that in the skit, he and Kedefors are “doing what Swedes do best: making furniture.” The skit has a fun, satirical nature; Kedefors says they’re “exploiting the stereotype” developed from the furniture chain Ikea.  

“We just want to make people laugh,” Broman says, noting that last year’s International Assembly had a disproportionate amount of Hawaiian and Pacific Islands dances. “We want tospice it up a little.”  

Both Broman and Kedefors have been to Sweden, Kedefors “almost every year since [he] was born.” Broman lived there from 2005 to 2010.

Another first-time performer in the International Assembly is freshman Manish Mahadevan. Mahadevan is representing South India by performing an instrumental solo on a special type of drum known as the mridangam. The mridangam is used in South Indian classical music called Carnatic music, either as an accompaniment to singers or as a solo.  

Mahadevan says that this type of music is important to him because his ancestors played it well and even founded organizations based on it. He visits South India about once or twice a year, usually going to Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

The BHS Dance Club will also be a returning performer, though with some new members, such as sophomores Zulema Morales and Connie Vera. Though this will be their first time performing at the International Assembly, they say they’ve already performed with the Dance Club at rallies and other school events.  Both dancers say they joined the Dance Club this year.

“It’s so much fun,” Vera says. “We form a connection when we perform. Everyone’s there for each other.”  

Other performances include senior Roanan McCaa performing “The Star Spangled Banner,” juniors Priya Koliwad and Ashley Kung dancing Bollywood, and senior Spencer Pratt singing “I’ve Got the World on a String.”

Posted on March 20, 2017 .