Kai Galia runs popular Instagram account with over 131,000 followers

Sophomore Kai Galia playing Woodside’s varsity boys soccer team on January 17

Sophomore Kai Galia playing Woodside’s varsity boys soccer team on January 17

When he isn’t playing soccer on the varsity team, sophomore Kai Galia is busy running his well known Instagram account “KG4”, which has over 126,000 followers.

Galia started making videos on Youtube when he was 13 and currently has about 8,000 subscribers. He is best known for doing different soccer trick shots, such as blowing up soccer balls with helium. Galia’s passion for soccer allowed him to turn his hobby into a career.

“When I began my Youtube channel in middle school I never thought it would get so big,” Galia said. “It started as just a hobby that I enjoyed with my friends. We would film each other for fun and post it on Youtube as a joke, until one video where we got a couple thousand views, and everything changed.”

After his Instagram became more popular, Galia thought it would be beneficial to deepen his outreach.

“My friends recommended that I start an Instagram, where I could post short videos of my trick shots without hours of editing for Youtube,” Galia added.

Galia started playing soccer at the age of 5 and has been playing ever since. He currently plays on the club team De Anza Force, which is ranked 38th in the country according to “Gotsoccer.com.”

Last March, Galia entered a contest with Adidas and soccer.com called “Boss, The Contest,” where he submitted a video of his best trick shots for a chance to win the grand prize. Of the thousands of entries, Galia won the competition where he, as a result, flew to North Carolina to partake in a photoshoot that would be in 2016 catalogs and soccer.com. Galia also took home a selection of the new Adidas collection as well as more followers on all of his social media accounts.

One of the people that help Galia with his videos is sophomore Aidan Burke, who has assisted him for over two years.

“When I started helping Kai it was just a hobby,” Burke said. “I usually help him film the challenges, and sometimes guard the goal while he tries to shoot.”

Galia spends hours editing and filming to get the perfect video. Certain videos take much longer than others to film, especially if it is a video that requires a certain shot that takes a lot of repetition to complete.

“It’s hard to choose a favorite video of his because they’re all very different,” Burke said. “Kai puts a lot of time into editing and creating the video ideas. Although filming and editing are a big responsibility, the process of filming the videos makes it all worth it. We’re all doing what we love and having fun with each other.”

Another student that helps Galia is sophomore Davor Koprivcic, who has played soccer with Galia in the past, as well as helped him film.

“I started to help him freshman year, or as I would say, I would come out and attempt to act as a goalie but rather be humiliated,” Koprivcic said. “It’s all fun because you get this uncommon experience with a great guy. People don’t realize how much effort/hours of editing it takes to put together an amazing video like he has done so many times in the past. He doesn’t get enough credit.”

Galia has been playing on the varsity boys’ soccer team since his freshman year at BHS, where he has been in the first lineup every game. Galia’s position forces him to

Sophomore Alessandro Franco plays on the varsity soccer team with Galia.

“Kai is one of the most dedicated guys on the team,” Franco said. “He is a great player, and we probably wouldn’t have won as many games as we did without his contribution to the team.”

Galia’s Instagram, “KG4” is growing rapidly. Because of his continuous effort to make quality videos, Galia is becoming more known in Burlingame as well as other cities across California and more.

Posted on April 3, 2017 .