Concert Choir and Chamber Singers thrive at annual Heritage Festival

Both the concert choir and chamber singers received second place awards during the Heritage Choir Festival that occurs every year in Los Angeles. The conference took place from March 23 to the 26th. The concert choir also won the Gold Award, signifying that they scored above 90 out of 100 when rated for the balance and dynamics of their performance.

Every year, choir drives down to the LA area in order to compete at the festival and bond as a group. When they were not practicing or performing, the group was able to relax and even had the chance to go to fun events such as a visit to Universal Studios. In addition, the group attended the musical “An American in Paris” and attended a clinic at Pasadena City College to critique their performance skills.

Senior Rebecca Ezersky was thrilled with the group’s performance.

“We were able to make all the corrections that our teacher Mr. Reifschneider had given to us over the previous weeks,” Ezersky said. “I think it’s really amazing that we were able to create such beautiful music with such little practice time.”

Ezersky believes that the current choir is unique in the fact that they are led by many seniors, who feel the pressure to pass their passion down to the underclassmen before graduation.

Choir is such a unique activity for students because the makeup of each group is different. Choirs are separated by the types of voices students have, which means the team sounds different every year as seniors graduate and underclassmen begin to have more prominent roles.

“The dynamic, talent, and voice blend is always different and that is what makes it so fun every year” junior Allison Sullivan Wu said.

The choir team is looking to repeat their success next year.

Posted on April 26, 2017 .