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Trench Review

Twenty One Pilots, the musical duo with lead vocalist Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun, released their latest album, Trench, on Oct. 5. The album features 14 tracks for a total of 56 minutes. Although labeled as “alternative,” the album uses elements of hip-hop, progressive rock, reggae and even metallic rock. Never having paid much attention to the group, I was pleasantly surprised with the consistently catchy, yet well produced instrumentals of Trench. The album begins with the track Jumpsuit, a good progressive rock song that decently juxtaposes a piano medley and a 10 second metal guitar riff. One of the most interesting elements of Trench is Joseph’s vocal versatility. He demonstrates a good lyrical flow in tracks such as Morph, and successfully incorporates great melodic vocals along with catchy choruses in most of Trench’s tracks, most notably in Cut My Lip. Just barely beating out Cut My Lip is my favorite track, Nico and the Niners, a unique track that combines indie rock, reggae and R&B to create a long lasting, catchy, slow burn. Overall, the consistency in quality of each track was great, and the experimentation with various genres and sounds helped the tracks from not being too repetitive. I was originally going to give this album a 7.5/10, but with each listen I found more and more that I liked about the album. I give this album a solid rating of 8/10.

Repetitive Songs

Weezer, the alternative rock group that rose to fame with their 1994 Blue Album, have somehow survived over 20 years later, recently releasing the track Can’t Knock The Hustle on Oct. 11 as a teaser for their upcoming Black Album. Can’t knock the Hustle is a three and a half minute, flashy alternative rock hit. The song features some clever and fun lyrics, and the chorus of “Hasta Luego” is fairly catchy. However, my main critique of the track is its repetitive nature. The instrumentals make for a very energetic, bumping sound, yet offer little variation. As a result, I found that the track grew boring quickly. Despite this, the song was an enjoyable listen and I give it a decent rating of 6.5/10.

Posted on October 28, 2018 .