The legacy of Toasty Tuesdays

Ten years ago the club Toasty Tuesdays was formed. Toasty Tuesdays is a social club in which the members conjugate together every Tuesday during Lunch to hang out, and eat toast. The Presidency of the club has been passed down from brother to brother within the Dobson family. Julian Dobson, the youngest Dobson brother, is the current President of Toasty Tuesdays. The club was formed when the eldest brother Will and his friends wanted to have a place they could relax, and socialize with friends during school.

The club has had its ups and downs, being shut down the year before Julian Dobson began attendance, but when Dobson began at BHS, he was certain he wanted to reinstall Toasty Tuesdays as a popular social club at school.

“I just wanted to keep the legacy going, ten years is a long time, so I figured I would start the club and so where it would go from there.” Not only did Dobson want to keep the legacy of the club going that his brothers started, but also to make connections with the people the way his brothers did with the original formation of the club. “When I came to this school I knew very few people, coming from a private Catholic school, not doing a lot of extracurriculars, so my friend and I started the club in a way to meet new people and make friends with people I didn’t know.” Julian, being the youngest Dobson brother, will be graduating next year and just as he took the position of President after his brothers graduated, he hopes that someone will continue the Toasty Tuesdays legacy after he graduates from BHS.

Posted on November 19, 2018 .