From the Eyes of the Panther Mascot

With the Little Big Game rally as well as the Little Big Game having taken place earlier this month, the two Burlingame panther mascots have been hard at work cheering and encouraging the crowd. Although the fun mascot may be light-hearted and stir enthusiasm in the bleachers, many don’t realize how much work, effort and literal sweat it takes to pull off such an energetic and spirited mascot.

“I just started this year because my friend asked me if I wanted to do it, and I was like, ‘yeah!’” senior Jada Ganim said. “The panthers bring people together because a lot of times at the rallies, people might be hot and they’re just tired … but [the panthers] really just bring the spirit out.”

Ganim has been the mascot for the back-to-school rally and more recently, the Panther Preview Day for incoming freshmen.

“It’s really fun… just going up to [incoming freshmen] and showing them our school spirit,” Ganim said.

When preparing to put on such an energetic performance, it certainly takes some preparation.

“[My friend and I] will talk about what we should do… if we should do dances together and just try to plan something,” Ganim said.

However, the hardest part of being the panther mascot is neither the preparation nor the energy one must express when in character. “The only thing I don’t like about [being the mascot] is that it’s super hot. It’s really really hard to be comfortable,” Ganim said. To try to limit the heat as much as possible, Ganim wears “clothes that are not going to be super hot when [she’s] in the suit.”

The panthers may only appear in occasional football games and rallies, but the spirit they bring with them can fill an entire school year.

“If we didn’t have the panthers, I really think there wouldn’t be enough spirit at this school,” Ganim said.

 Senior Alessandro Franco and a masked panther prepare for the Little Big Game rally.

Senior Alessandro Franco and a masked panther prepare for the Little Big Game rally.

Posted on November 22, 2018 .