Senior Olya Egorov demonstrates interest in politics through internship with Congresswoman

Senior Olya Egorov has spent the last two months exploring her interest in politics by interning for the representative of California’s 14th congressional district, Jackie Speier. Egorov, who is passionate about political science, hopes to pursue a career in politics later in life.

The internship program itself involved a highly competitive application process which includes a resume, questionnaire and interview for acceptance.

Working eight hours a week, a typical day on the job for Egrov might include taking constituent opinions, referring constituents to staffers and assisting on casework that ranges from social security, veteran issues, immigration and airplane noise to education.

Outside the office, Egorov attends and helps at Speier’s various events in her district. Some recently held events include: Seniors on the Move, an Airplane Noise Townhall and a Domestic Violence panel.

“I attend her events which are always super fun and interesting,” Egorov said.

For instance, Egorov attended a town hall about airplane noise and its impact on health and the quality of life in October. Jackie Speier was joined by professionals from aviation law firm, the San Francisco international airport and constituents. This opportunity allowed constituents to talk to the Congresswoman and ask questions to the panel.

“I think it’s really cool because we obviously live near the airport,” Egorov said. “As for me, I did a lot of the tabeling, checking constituents in, as well as providing them other resources, such as if constituents had an opinion, I helped them to write it on a card.”

As a graduating senior, Egorov is planning on majoring in political science and public policy in college.

 Olya Egorov speaks at a student council meeting in order to address current issues on campus.

Olya Egorov speaks at a student council meeting in order to address current issues on campus.

Posted on November 22, 2018 .