Homecoming, the freshman dance

On Nov. 3 at 7 p.m., Burlingame’s gym was lit up with festive colors and filled with high schoolers fresh off the dance floor. The theme was “Vegas Nights.” Advertisements on BTV urged all students to go to Homecoming, but it seems that freshmen were the ones who predominantly took them up on the offer.

Homecoming is an all-American tradition. Often, it is a chance for former students to come watch their high school’s football team return for a home game. At Burlingame, the Homecoming dance follows the Little Big Game, which started at 11 a.m. on Saturday. The cheerleading team planned the dance with help from their coach and school staff.

To many, upperclassmen seemed particularly indifferent to the Homecoming dance tradition. Junior Zoe Keeley is one of the people who believes freshmen are most likely to go to Homecoming.

“It’s their first dance of high school, and it’s pretty established that Homecoming is a more freshman … thing,” Keeley said.

Keeley went to Homecoming her freshman year but did not go last year. She did not go this year, either, but she plans to attend winter formal and prom. Junior Olivia McCaa said the same.

The high ratio of freshmen at Homecoming does not seem to be limited to Burlingame. Camille Young, a sophomore at International High School of San Francisco, said that “upperclassmen are too busy for Homecoming.”

Senior Zulema Morales is one of the cheerleaders who was in charge of planning Burlingame’s Homecoming, so she was required to attend the dance. She was excited to see how the decorations turn out and spend time dancing with her friends. In spite of this, she agreed with Keeley that more freshmen and, to a certain extent, seniors attend Homecoming than other grades. Morales noted that Homecoming is more casual than formal and prom, which tend to revolve more around finding dates.

“I have heard students at BHS say that Homecoming is a freshman or senior dance,” Morales said. “However, the cheer team wants and would love for all grades to attend.”

Students danced, moshed and wave-surfed during the eventful homecoming dance.

Students danced, moshed and wave-surfed during the eventful homecoming dance.

Posted on November 5, 2018 .