Sophia Stroud joins outside bands to develop as a musician


Burlingame High School has a long history of nurturing talented and skilled musicians who devote their time to instrumental music performing inside and outside the classroom. Junior Sophia Stroud has devoted her time to performing jazz music since the age of ten.

“When I was first learning how to play I was greatly inspired by my dad because he had been a rock drummer in his late teens and I thought it was the coolest thing on earth,” Stroud said.

Apart from her childhood experience, Stroud also enjoys how the drums allow her to express herself in an amazingly artistic way.

“I love playing the drums because music is an extremely important part of my life,” Stroud said. “My favorite part of being a drummer is how powerful I feel when I'm able to make an entire ensemble sound better and more professional. It is a feeling that I wish everyone could have the opportunity to experience because it is truly life-changing.”

In order to develop as a young musician, Stroud spends her free time practicing the drums. She currently plays the drums in three jazz groups outside of school, including the Stanford High School All-Stars Big Band, which is an all-star performance ensemble open to high school jazz musicians from anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area. These groups typically practice once a week or before a gig.

Young musicians interested in performing should “play with soul, play with drive, play with the urgency that it might be your last time ever playing,” Stroud said.

In the years to come, Stroud would love to continue her career as a professional musician.

Posted on February 12, 2018 .