Winter rally is a chill ending to “resolutions” spirit week

The Jan. 26 winter rally took place during lunch in the gym and was the grand finale of “resolutions” spirit week, during which each day had a theme that represented a New Year’s resolution. For example, pajama day corresponded to the resolution to get more sleep.

The resolutions theme was also present at the winter rally. As students filed into the gym through a tunnel of cheerleaders waving pom-poms, they were invited to write their resolutions on large posters adorning the walls. Then, they took their seats, and the show began.

Students watched as junior varsity cheer and a collaboration between varsity cheer and the dance team performed. While the performances went smoothly, some students were nervous about appearing in front of the student body.

“My brain is kind of in a mush right now because we just learned a bunch of new moves- one of our members is sick,” junior Carmen Lavilla, a member of the dance team, said prior to performing.

Additional events included a donut-eating contest in which participants were blindfolded (won by junior Noah Lavulo), a service honoring the student captains of winter sports, and a game of basketball knock-out.

Posted on February 12, 2018 .