Entire class pees pants in protest of bathroom passes

An entire freshman AS English class peed their pants on May 18 in protest of the controversial bathroom pass policy implemented in all classes earlier this semester.

“It’s not fair to regulate our bathroom time,” said freshman Wes Potts, the protest’s main organizer. “It felt like time to stand up for our rights.”

Although the students’ annoyance had been festering since the implementation of the passes, the immediate cause of the protest was after freshman Dee Pends was denied the right to use the bathroom two days in a row after using up all her allocated bathroom passes.

“I drink a glass of juice each morning and a bottle of water everyday at school,” Pends said. “It’s only natural that I would need to use the bathroom several times a day.”

After meeting the previous week to discuss the specifics of the mini rebellion, Potts and the rest of the class decided that a mass protest was the only way to gain the teacher’s and administration’s attention. Students were instructed to all pee in unison at 8:13 a.m. and, of course, bring an extra pair of pants to school.

“I’m just grateful that the protest was in period number one,” AS English teacher Patty Room said. “It could have been even more disastrous during period number two.”

The class was inspired by the recent string of students protests at school and nationwide.

“Young people have an untapped potential to create change,” Potts said. “Our power will only grow from here. Watch out admin and watch out world.”

Room’s class was held in the library the rest of the day and custodians spent two hours mopping, disinfecting and airing out the classroom.

Posted on May 24, 2018 .