Remigi Christen to return to Switzerland

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Senior Remigi Christen is returning next year to his native city of Basel, Switzerland. Christen’s family moved to Burlingame four years ago.

“I grew up there,” Christen said. “We moved here before high school. Now we’re moving back.”

Basel is renowned for its art museums and the University of Basel, established in 1460. AP European History students will be delighted to know that the famous humanist Erasmus studied at the institution. The city is located on the border between Germany, France and Switzerland.

“You can walk to Germany or France in a half hour,” Christen said. With a second thought, he added,“Wait! No, less.” He then described the ten minute train-ride to traverse the borders.

Along with the prevalence of public transportation, Christen is looking forward to joining the workforce.

“Usually, people start jobs there around sixteen, and not eighteen like me, so I’m going to have a bit of a disadvantage in terms of all the other applicants,” Christen said. “But I hope I can get a job where I need English. That’s a huge advantage.”

Posted on May 24, 2018 .