Allison Sullivan Wu to go to Pomona

Senior Allison Sullivan Wu will be playing water polo at Pomona College next year.

Wu has imagined herself playing water polo in college since she first took up the sport when she was eight years old. At that time, her dad, who played water polo in college and introduced her to the sport, was her coach. She has been playing ever since.

“I think water polo is objectively the best sport,” Sullivan Wu said with a laugh. “The sport is never dull. I am constantly learning and growing. It challenges not only my athleticism but my mental toughness.”

To get recruited for water polo, she started the college search early. She started scoping out a wide range of colleges at the end of sophomore year and began the recruitment process that summer. Her main goal was to find a school that would support her athletic endeavours but had strong academics so that water polo would not as  Sullivan Wu said, “take over my life.”

After learning about Pomona from a friend, she visited the coaching staff who watched her play throughout junior year. By the fall of her senior year, she had been officially recruited and committed to the school.

“The coaching staff is amazing and my teammates are super cool,” Sullivan Wu said.  “I love the sport so much and am so happy that i will continue playing at a high level next year.”

As for balancing more intense athletics and academics, she says that it’ll be an adjustment. Nevertheless, the schedule, consisting of two practices and weight workouts in addition to games, won’t be anything that she isn’t used to

“As cheesy as it sounds I have learned a lot from the sport that has helped me a lot in my life. I guess the mental toughness I have learned is what keeps me determined even academically.”

Posted on May 24, 2018 .