Ian Aweeka joining UCSD crew

Senior Ian Aweeka has been a part of crew for five years and has recently committed to the University of California, San Diego to further his skills and experience. Aweeka is currently a part of the Redwood Scullers, one of the best teams in the region.

UCSD is currently ranked no. 5 of collegiate crew teams nationwide, a ranking which they have consistently held over the years. Aweeka hopes to gain the best education possible while enjoying everything college has to offer and participating in a crew team which has been consistently progressing and improving.

“I’m most excited about the freedom that comes with college,” Aweeka said. “Having considerably more control over your daily life is something I've been looking forward to for a while.”

Reflecting back on his years as a part of the Redwood Scullers, Aweeka describes how he has developed “a strong work ethic” over time.

“Rowing takes a large amount of time, even compared to other sports,” he said. “When you row, rowing comes before all things other than school. So with that I had to learn how to balance school, rowing, family, and a social life. I am confident that this work ethic and ability to manage will time will be helpful to me throughout my life.”

“I expect the training regimen to be different in the collegiate level in comparison to high school. Given that you live at the school, the coaches are able to host more practices and control a little bit more of what you do than they can while in high school.”

Posted on May 24, 2018 .