Pelichoff to row at Syracuse

Quinn Pelichoff plans to attend Syracuse University, where he will compete in collegiate rowing in the eight-manned boats. However, crew is not Pelichoff’s only motivation for attending Syracuse.

“I initially chose Syracuse for their school of architecture, which is currently ranked 3rd overall,” Pelichoff said. “But when I learned they had a rowing team I reached out to the head coach to start a conversation and he helped guide me through the application process and worked with me to get my application flagged for recruitment and a small scholarship.”

Pelichoff is excited for the opportunity to compete in crew at a higher level, but he also knows that the time commitment for crew in college will be intense.

“The competition level jumps through the roof in collegiate rowing,” Pelichoff said. “From what I have heard from friends who have gone on to row at college, rowing becomes their life. If they aren't in a class they are at the boathouse grinding meters on the rowing machine or at practice on the water.”

Still, Pelichoff is prepared to dedicate the time and effort that crew requires.

“Rowing takes up a ton of my time,” Pelichoff said. “But it has taught me a lot about perseverance and hard work.”

Posted on May 24, 2018 .