Senior Julian Peiro plans to teach English to kids in china


Senior Julian Peiro will be moving to Hangzhou, China for six months to teach at a private tutoring institute. There, Peiro will use his previous tutoring experience to explain and teach basic English to chinese students.

“I’m a peer tutor here, in a peer tutoring class. I tutor the Juniors,” Peiro said.

Peiro plans to use this experience to further a career in education.

“I get teaching credentials when im done, so it shaves a lot of time off of college,” Peiro said. “Plus it’s a lot cheaper, and I actually get paid to do it.”

Furthermore, Peiro also plans to use this experience to develop his personality and intellect.

“I’m pretty young for my grade, so I’m taking a gap year to mature,” Peiro said. “[I want to] get to know the world better.

Posted on May 24, 2018 .