New mural showcases school spirit

Senior Ellie Feder stands in front of the finished mural, which she first envisioned last year in Leadership.

Senior Ellie Feder stands in front of the finished mural, which she first envisioned last year in Leadership.

Thanks to senior Ellie Feder and the Advanced and AP Art classes, there is a new permanent mark on the school. The now-completed mural in the A-Building is a long, red ribbon twisting along the left ramp to the second floor, with the school’s fight song written around it.

Feder, who became the Legacy Commissioner for her Leadership class last year, came up with the idea in her first semester as a junior. She was assigned to work on a long-term spirit project, and when she saw murals on the list of suggestions, she knew what she wanted to do.

“I thought, ‘How cool would it be if I could actually pull that off?’” Feder said. “I thought having that bright red in a fun format would be really cool and would promote school spirit.”

Feder made sure to do her research before putting a brush to the wall. She spent hours making sure she knew what kind of paint would work best and in which color. However, Feder did not have the art skills to execute the mural alone. After going through several hurdles to get administration’s approval, she contacted the Advanced and AP Art classes taught by Philip Noyes for their help. Art students who worked on the mural include seniors Hannah Goldman, Kailey Nichols, Casie Rickman-Crisostomo, Isabella Schenone, junior Justin Vuu and sophomores Louis Tang and Rachel Yap. Ultimately, they were able to bring the principles of design and their artistic skills to complete the work.

“When I walked them over to look at the unfinished mural with me, they immediately had so many ideas on how to improve it,” Feder said. “They knew how to shade it, clean the lines, and do the writing. They just went to work on it and made it beautiful.”

The mural was finished around a month ago. Its primary purpose is to inspire school spirit, which is made clear by its vibrant red color and theme. In addition, it also serves as a legacy for Feder and the art students. The mural sat around for a while during summer break and when it still had not gotten all the approval it needed, but Feder and her collaborators agree that the product is worth the wait.

“I’m really proud of how the mural turned out,” said Rickman-Crisostomo. “It’s exciting to know that me and my classmates were able to come together and create something that showcases school spirit and will be on the school walls forever.”

Posted on May 4, 2018 .