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Juniors Wesley Yang and Calvin Potter spend hours in the studio to create the perfect song.

Behind the lives of two modern musicians

Farah Caban, Staff Reporter March 5, 2021

High school rappers are stereotyped as musicians with corny lyrics and minimal production; however, this does not apply to juniors Wesley Yang and Calvin Potter. The music enthusiasts both began recording...

Images of lead actors Denzel Washington (top left), Rami Malek (top right) and Jared Leto (bottom left) from the movie “The Little Things.”

The Little Things: a unique crime thriller like no other

Isaac Bostonmaer, Staff Reporter February 22, 2021

Warning! This article contains spoilers for the movie "The Little Things.”    “The Little Things,” directed by John Lee Hancock and released Jan. 29, makes its mark as a unique crime...

Moment House offers tickets for a variety of virtual concerts with many different artists.

Virtual concerts allow fans and artists to remain connected

Clara Porto, Staff Reporter February 11, 2021

Plays, concerts and any other kinds of live performances that require a big crowd has been cancelled since the beginning of the pandemic. Big or small, artists have been negatively affected by the lack...

According to a poll filled out by 64 students, Burlingame students read an average of 10 books over 10 months.

Pandemic gives Burlingame students more time to get back into reading and find their favorite books

Jaden Luke, Staff Reporter February 10, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, quarantine has given people more free time than before, and people have turned to activities more suited to a home environment. Reading can act as an escape to reality...

When we close our novels, leave the comfort of our couches and head out into the real world, those we encounter will thank us for being readers.

Reading is a window to the world

Caroline Yeow, Senior Reporter February 9, 2021

Stuck in the monotony of quarantine life, I often feel like I’m on auto-pilot, rotating between my bed, the dining table and my desk. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even inhabit my own body —I’m...

“Bridgerton” is a cliche teen drama with a high price tag

Allison Szetu, Design Editor February 8, 2021

On Christmas Day, Netflix users all over the world received a gift: "Bridgerton." Netflix’s "Bridgerton" is based on the popular book series of the same name by Julia Quinn. Set during the Regency Era...

Warner Brothers’ 2020 production of “Wonder Woman 1984” closes out the year with a whimper, not a bang.

“Wonder Woman 1984” wastes potential

Aidan Hay, Staff Reporter February 7, 2021

In a year starved of movies, I was cautiously optimistic before watching the newest addition to DC’s expanded universe, “Wonder Woman 1984.” Previous releases like 2019’s lighthearted “Shazam!”,...

Different podcast shows have students and teachers intrigued, engaged and laughing.

Burlingame’s students and teachers are listening to podcasts

Kristie Kim, Staff Reporter January 29, 2021

Students and teachers at Burlingame have been listening to podcasts as a way to tune into their interests while doing daily activities. Podcasts are run in different styles depending on the type of show:...

Teen watches as influencers continue to post TikToks of their travels in the midst of a pandemic.

Celebrities set a negative precedent by traveling

Lizzy Wan, Staff Reporter January 28, 2021

It has almost been a year since the pandemic began last March; since then people have started to become more careless when it comes to following the COVID-19 guidelines. Specifically, groups of celebrities...

Joe Gardner, voiced by Jamie Foxx, and 22, voiced by Tina Fey, star in Pixar’s latest film “Soul”.

Pixar’s “Soul” highlights the importance of embracing the small beauties of life and encourages self-reflection

Isabelle Idio, Staff Reporter January 26, 2021

Pixar’s latest film, “Soul” delves into deeper philosophical concepts surrounding our individuality and is unafraid to address the bigger questions about life that we all have in mind.   It...

John Kevranian, owner of Nuts for Candy, shuffles through papers waiting anxiously for customers.

A gift guide to shopping local Burlingame businesses

Samantha Johnstone, Webmaster December 13, 2020

Shopping locally is always a good idea, but it is more important now than ever. People are spending more time at home, and storefronts are seeing the impact of decreased customers. While online businesses...

The front cover of “Floating Notes,” designed by Brent Bates, is as subtle and enigmatic as the novella it conceals.

Babak Lakghomi’s “Floating Notes” is a compelling mystery-in-totems

Thomas Luxton, Staff Reporter December 8, 2020

The narrator of “Floating Notes” is paranoid. One may begin to suspect him of unreliability. Within the first two pages, he has already contradicted himself: “I have to be careful or they would know...

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