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Amazon purchased over 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from Rivian in 2019 to move the company towards carbon neutrality.

Think twice before hitting “order” on your favorite online shop

Farah Caban, Business Manager May 9, 2022

When stores closed their doors in March 2020 and the only necessary business was to visit the grocery store, packages piled up on doorsteps. Although the United Nations reported in May 2021 that global...

Prior to the 2022 March Madness tournament, the NCAA limited March Madness branding solely to the men’s tournament.

One year after weight room controversy, women get a fairer slice of March Madness

Michelle Moshkovoy, Head Photographer April 22, 2022

Millions saw, perhaps you among them, the jarring photo circulating social media last March ahead of the NCAA Division I Women and Men’s Basketball Tournaments.  The photo dichotomized the women’s...

Students struggle with the overwhelming workload that comes with taking too many AP classes.

To take or not to take APs: Course selection paradox

Wali Chaudry, Staff Reporter March 29, 2022

One of the hardest decisions students face during their years in high school is whether or not to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and I think that many students make the wrong choice. The amount...

A shared wall would help mitigate the isolation many feel after rejection.

Rejection wall would put college admissions stress in perspective

Mattingly Germack, Copy Editor March 18, 2022

Let me paint a picture that many seniors can relate to, or will relate to by April. After investing countless hours of your life on applications and anxiously waiting for what felt like an eternity,...

BHS’ physical education grading divided by genders in the spring semester of 2022

It’s time to adopt a new physical education assessment system

Daria Burnosova, Staff Reporter February 13, 2022

Burlingame requires two years of physical education (P.E.) credits, which are typically taken by freshmen and sophomores. The grading is based on the California Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) standards,...

For many, stepping on the scale can determine one’s self-worth, but these numbers do not define you.

Running on a hamster wheel: Why your body will never be perfect

Lizzy Wan and Amanda Nolan January 16, 2022

Below is an article written by staffers Lizzy Wan and Amanda Nolan. It combines both shared and individual experiences of the writers. To keep some anonymity, the story uses the pronouns “I” and “me”...

Quadruplexes, as pictured above on Lorton Avenue, are a great way to create denser housing in suburban areas, but they’re not allowed in much of the Bay Area due to zoning laws.

It’s time to end single-family zoning

Tobias Matthews, Staff Reporter March 29, 2021

In my neighborhood, there are signs outside houses reading, “In this house we believe: Black Lives Matter, Science is real, and Kindness is everything.” It’s a lovely sentiment, but this doesn’t...

In late March of 2020, the country underwent a hand sanitizer shortage after a wave of panic shopping.

A new future of cleanliness

Isabelle Idio, Staff Reporter March 25, 2021

At the start of the pandemic, there was minimal information surrounding COVID-19, leading to confusion around the safety precautions necessary to protect ourselves from the virus. As a solution, people...

In the Easton Addition, many of the streets are named for early conquistadors and explorers who brought genocide and colonization to the Americas.

Schools and statues. Why not streets?

Elise Spenner, Copy Editor March 4, 2021

In my 14 years on this planet, our society has grown more aware of the people we put on pedestals, glorify in textbooks and immortalize with monuments. Slowly, we have realized that the history we celebrate...

Amazon is filming its upcoming “Lord of the Rings” prequel TV show in New Zealand, following in the footsteps of Peter Jackson’s previous films. Pictured above is Bag End at the Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, New Zealand.

High fantasy in the modern world: Amazon’s prequel to Lord of the Rings

Hubert Chen, Senior Reporter March 4, 2021

In January of 2021, Amazon released further details regarding their upcoming unnamed TV show that is set to take place in Tolkien’s second age, thousands of years before the events of “The Hobbit”...

The spaciousness and popularity of Burlingame Avenue make it ideal for a pedestrian street.

It’s time to make Burlingame Avenue a pedestrian street again

Mattingly Germack, Copy Editor March 3, 2021

Burlingame Avenue returning to being a pedestrian street would be beneficial to our city. Following San Mateo County’s move to the red tier, retail and outdoor dining can expand their number of customers,...

A student watches her friends on social media hang out together, but knows she cannot safely join them.

Navigating COVID-19 with an immunocompromised parent

Samantha Johnstone, Managing Editor February 25, 2021

I was in second grade when my mom first got sick. She was diagnosed with the condition gastroparesis on paper, but she doesn’t fit all the symptoms. To put it shortly, my mom’s intestinal track doesn’t...

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