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When we close our novels, leave the comfort of our couches and head out into the real world, those we encounter will thank us for being readers.

Reading is a window to the world

Caroline Yeow, Senior Reporter February 9, 2021

Stuck in the monotony of quarantine life, I often feel like I’m on auto-pilot, rotating between my bed, the dining table and my desk. Sometimes I feel like I don’t even inhabit my own body —I’m...

Many student athletes find their aspirations for a sports season at risk of further postponement or cancellation, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Student-athletes should push on through the pandemic

Michelle Moshkovoy, Head Photographer February 8, 2021

If you’ve turned on the news in the last ten months, it is very probable that there was one topic dominating the newscast  — COVID-19. It is seemingly all we hear about when we click our remote controls...

The Advanced Placement (AP) Environmental Science textbook students use to guide their studies.

Burlingame needs to implement an environmental science course requirement

Lexi Goldstein, Editor-In-Chief February 4, 2021

Curriculum requirements are put in place to ensure students receive a well-rounded education suitable for the demands of future careers and schooling, but sometimes those requirements overlook important...

Despite Burlingame High School remaining closed due to state regulations, many students have egregiously broken COVID protocols put in place by the county.

Why do so many students break COVID-19 protocols?

Mattingly Germack, Copy Editor February 1, 2021

Anyone with access to social media knows that San Mateo County’s purple-tier status has not been taken seriously by many teenagers. Some have been outright flagrant in their violations of the order —...

Excerpt from Thomas Jefferson’s letter to a Baptist Church in Danbury.

Separation between church and state: What’s in it for us?

Julianna Oliver, Senior Reporter January 31, 2021

It started with the Founding Fathers during the birth of America. The revolution was over, colonists were happy to get away from a monarchy that believed in divine right to the crown. The foundation of...

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) outline guidelines for English courses in public high schools in the state of California which include reading one Shakespeare play.

Shakespeare deters students early on

Allison Cohen, Business Manager January 25, 2021

Throughout my four years of high school, I’ve had 18 mandatory books assigned to me, and three of them have been by William Shakespeare. That means that over 16% of the mandatory books I’ve read in...

Julianna Oliver (front), age 7, stands with other church members at church mass.

Religion keeps us grounded

Julianna Oliver, Senior Reporter January 11, 2021

I remember my mother driving to Hayward with my grandma and I in the back seat every Sunday. The car always smelled like my grandmother’s perfume. A sweet yet tangy smell that I could pinpoint in a sea...

The pandemic has made it more difficult for students to feel connected to our schools.

I don’t feel like a Burlingame student anymore

Aidan Hay, Staff Reporter January 8, 2021

With winter break coming to a close, and the second semester starting up, it’s become apparent that I don’t feel much like a “BHS student” anymore. Sure, I’m a student, but I have never felt...

Companies have a constant watch on internet search habits in order to sell them the most products they can.

Why targeted advertising needs to be phased out

Sabina Barrolaza, Staff Reporter January 8, 2021

Our increased digital dependency in the last decade has paved the way for the growth of online marketing. Since exposure to ad after ad has desensitized consumers and no longer catches people’s eyes,...

Listening to music in class allows students to tune out distractions and focus more on their work.

Listening to music during class should not only be allowed, but encouraged

William Chastain, Staff Reporter January 7, 2021

Listening to music during class was always a risky move, especially back in middle school, when it seemed like the only goal of the teacher was to snuff out the students with one AirPod in their ear listening...

The most recent season of “The Great British Bake Off” features new host Matt Lucas alongside returning host Noel Fielding and returning judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith.

“The Great British Bake Off” challenges us to embrace change

Allison Cohen, Business Manager January 7, 2021

This past season of “The Great British Bake Off,” season 11, has received quite a bit of poor press. Various news outlets argued that this season was too dramatic or critiqued the new hosts, saying...

A scene from “Donnie Darko” where Donnie is being visited by Frank, a satanic bunny-like figure, at a movie theatre.

Watch Donnie Darko: It’s perhaps the greatest movie of all time

Isaac Bostonmaer, Sports Editor January 6, 2021

I began to watch and analyze films in middle school as I matured and my curiosity about my surrounding environment grew. I found that indulging in movies both entertains me and leaves me thinking about...

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