What's Hot and What's Not


1. Club Week ends with kid dancing

Club week ended with a blast as Louis Tang boogied, break-danced, and twerked his way to first place in the dance-off.

2. Football game on Friday ends with interception and touchdown

An intense game on September 29 against Sacred Heart Prep ended with a stunning victory as the Panthers scored a touchdown in the final minute to secure their win.

3. Pumpkin spice is back

The smell of pumpkin spice fills the air as fall begins. You can get your share of this filling flavor from Starbucks and Peet's Coffee on Burlingame Ave.

4. Something about Relay for Life

Relay for Life raised $35,000 after a day of fun and hard work. The whole experience was a blast as there were dances, live music, a Luminaria ceremony, and a best friend contest. (Student response: “It was a really good fundraising effort, and we all did bonding activities. It was really heartwarming, I just wish people came.”)

5. Stranger Things

The television series Stranger Things is an instant hit after it was released in July. Fans eagerly await 2017 when the second season is expected to be released.

6. Great America presents Halloween Haunt with VR

Great America presents another sinister experience in the form of Halloween Haunt. This year, virtual reality is implemented to add a new level of immersion.

7. The weather.



1. Trump makes a fool of himself in the presidential debates

Millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the two presidential candidates argue over who would be the best selection for the presidency. Trump humiliated himself by wandering off topic and focusing on insignificant topics. (Student response: “It’s pretty sad.”)

2. iPhone 7 removed headphone jack, Note 7 blowing up

October was not good for tech companies Apple and Samsung as their products received criticism. Apple’s new iPhone 7, unlike their previous iPhones, lacks a headphone jack, which stirred controversy about whether or not the change would be beneficial. Samsung’s Note 7 caused a massive scare when many batteries blew up, forcing the company to recall the product. (Student response: “I think that all the bs about ‘it's the same’ or ‘there’s no headphones’ is all fine, like it’s a hella good phone.”)

3. Pepe put as hate symbol by Hillary’s campaign

The green frog, “Pepe,” was officially classified as a hate symbol after Hillary Clinton blogged about how the alt-right, Neo-Nazis, and Trump were using it in their campaigns which sparked discussion among internet users on Reddit, 4chan, 9gag, and iFunny.

4. Murderous Clowns

A murderous clown craze has spread across social media as people are threatening to dress as clowns and travel to a specified location with weapons. BHS had its own incident when Instagram user @rickie_theclown posted messages claiming that he would come on campus and cause a disturbance. The post was quickly deleted.

Posted on October 18, 2016 .