Goodwill meeting outlines procedures for Little Big Game

Representatives from both Burlingame and San Mateo High Schools met Wednesday morning at BHS to discuss procedures for the upcoming Little Big Game, which will take place at Burlingame High School on Saturday, November 5.  The annual Goodwill meeting is intended to “bring both schools together in the spirit of the game to work collaboratively to foster a positive, community-building event, while at the same time getting everyone to follow the same ground rules and expectations,” according to BHS assistant principal Terence Lien.

In addition to the coaches and captains of the football teams from both schools, representatives from each school’s band, spirit squad, and student government were in attendance.  Lien outlined certain policies for the day of the game.  Burlingame and San Mateo fans will enter Umland Stadium on opposite sides of the field, and students are instructed to stay on their own school’s side of the field for the duration of the game.  Each school will have six minutes for their band and spirit squad to perform during halftime.

Attendance for the game is expected to be very high, so arriving early is important.  Burlingame will be selling tickets starting at 8:30 a.m. on November 5 so that fans do not have to wait in line for tickets right before the game.  The stadium will become open to the public shortly after 10 a.m.

Lien also emphasized the importance of positivity.  All signs that are placed in the Burlingame bleachers must be in support of BHS and cannot be negative toward San Mateo, and vice versa.  Many Burlingame students have friends at San Mateo High School, so the rivalry is a fairly friendly one.

The Panthers have won the Little Big Game six years in a row, with the last Bearcats victory coming in 2009.  This year, however, will be tougher than most, with San Mateo having won the Peninsula Athletic League’s Lake Division, the PAL’s lowest tier.  Burlingame will also be coming in strong, as the Panthers are currently in second place in the PAL’s highest level, the Bay Division.  The Panthers are also 4-0 at home this year, and have not lost a Little Big Game at home since 1996.  Overall, they have won the Paw 17 of the last 19 years.  Both schools are hoping for a peaceful and entertaining game this year as Burlingame attempts to take its seventh straight in the series.

Posted on October 28, 2016 .