What's on the California Ballot?

Proposition 64, Marijuana Legalization

Background: Proposition 64 would allow adults over the age of 21 to possess recreational marijuana, a tax on marijuana growth, and a sales tax on marijuana. Funds raised from the taxes would go to drug research and other beneficial causes.

For: Possession and sales of marijuana should be legal.

Against: The possession and sales of recreational Marijuana should be illegal.


Proposition 62, Death Penalty Procedures

Background: In the past year, California became one of thirty states to have a death penalty. Proposition 62 would abolish the death penalty in California. The maximum sentence would be a life sentence without parole. The inmate would work in prison, and their salary would go towards paying debts owed to their victims.

For: The death penalty should be repealed in California.

Against: The death penalty should remain in California.


Proposition 63, Background Checks for Ammunition (Firearms)

Background: California legislation enacted in July requires ammunition dealers to get a one-year license and background check from the Department of Justice. Proposition 63 would require purchasers of ammunition to obtain a permit beforehand, begin an attempted court process to check that individuals that have violated any regulations do not have access to a firearm, and prohibit the possession of large-capacity magazines.

For: The possession of large-capacity magazines should be prohibited, and purchasers of ammunition must get background checked before completing their purchase.

Against: The possession of large-capacity magazines should be legal, and background checks should not be required to purchase ammunition.


Proposition 67, Plastic Bag Ban

Background: The ballot prohibits grocery stores and pharmacies from providing single-use plastic bags to shoppers (consumers with food stamps notwithstanding), and require stores to sell recyclable grocery bags for 10 cents. Funds raised would go to the state-wide production of biodegradable, multi-use plastic bags.

For: Approve the ban of single-use plastic bags in stores.

Against: Single-use plastic bags would continue to be sold in stores.


Proposition 52, (Healthcare) Voter Approval to Divert Hospital Fee Revenue to Medi-Cal

Background: The federal government’s Medicaid program, called Medi-Cal in California, is a social health plan that supports low-income families and individuals. To qualify for the program, the state has to raise the same amount of money that is needed to run it, and in 2009, a new program allocated about $2 billion to Medi-Cal by charging hospitals. Proposition 52 would make this program permanent, and prohibit the funds to go to any other part of the government.

For: The existing charge on private hospitals that is supposed to end in January 2018 would continue.

Against: The existing charge on private hospitals will end in January 2018.

There are many other issues in the California 2016 ballots, such as drug prices, personal income taxes, nonviolent crime processes in court, and others. Get involved in local politics! Visit ballotpedia.com for more information on California ballots for 2016.

Posted on November 2, 2016 .