Academic Center Seeks After-School Tutors

Photo credit: Anne Cosenza

Photo credit: Anne Cosenza

The Academic Center is currently looking for student tutors in all academic subject areas on Monday through Friday afternoons between 2:15 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the BHS library.

Initially funded by the parents' group, the Academic Center was created to provide students with a safe place to do their homework and receive the help needed.

Most students need help in math and science, including algebra, geometry, calculus, biology, chemistry and physics. Other subjects such as English, history and world languages are also tutored there.

There is a lot of demand for tutors. The Academic Center is seeking students that have a “desire to help others, confidence and competence in sharing their knowledge in specific subjects, a sense of responsibility and commitment to the job (meaning if you decide to become a tutor, you must show up because others are counting on you), and a positive attitude and a smile,” Academic Center Coordinator and Supervisor Anne Cosenza said. “Patience and empathy are also important quality for tutors to have. Just because something is easy for one student to understand, doesn’t mean it is easy for another.”

Cosenza is grateful to have any amount of help that interested student tutors can provide.

“A tutor can commit to as much or as little as their schedule permits,” Cosenza noted. “Most tutors have other responsibilities and commitments on or outside of campus, whether clubs, sports, theater or music. Some may come in 1-2 hours a week or 1-3 hours every day.”

On the other hand, the Academic Center provides tutors with a meaningful opportunity to support other students, gain work experience, develop intellectual skills, build college resumes, and earn community service hours.

“Becoming a tutor can be very rewarding because you are giving a student who is having trouble a gift of your time and your knowledge, and it’s free,” Cosenza said. “It is a simple act of human kindness. There are also community service hours available to those who want them for clubs like PAWS. Also, being a peer tutor looks great on your college or job resume.”

To help students prepare for the upcoming final exams, the Academic Center will host a Finals Study Session on Wednesday, December 14 after school in the library, and snacks will be provided. Prospective student tutors are encouraged to check in with Ms. Cosenza in the library.

Posted on December 12, 2016 .