BHS gets FIT

On the week of December 5, the leadership class organized Fit Week. The event was dedicated to activities that promote fitness and health. On Monday, students participated in yoga stretches in the big gym. Leadership students Sophia Shapiro, Claire Beswick, and Christian Yoder taught participating BHS students some new yoga moves. Health and Wellness Commissioner Annika Furr described the event, “It was really fun to do and actually surprisingly effective and relaxing even with a student as a teacher.”

On Tuesday, a workout contest took place at lunch on the main stage. Jason Sevach was crowned the winner of the push-up contest while Sonja Dommen won for the planking section. Junior Jasmine Samsami was the champion for squats.

The leadership class also hosted a student v. teacher volleyball game on Wednesday. The gym was filled up as students crowded to watch their classmates and teachers play a friendly scrimmage. The teachers won the game, and the final score was 28-26.

On Thursday, students had the opportunity to write down their New Year’s resolutions which will be placed on a bulletin board.

Fit Week came to a close on Friday with Nutritious snack day. Ms. Couch’s food and nutrition classes prepared snacks, such as carrots and hummus, which were served during lunch.

This year was the first time leadership hosted Fit Week. Health Commissioner Annika Furr described what she hoped to accomplish from the event, “I wanted to make sure it was based on physical health since the annual mental health awareness week is ‘Stress Less Week’ in the spring. I was hoping that even if students didn't decide to participate in the events, this week would at the least encourage them to try to stay healthy and active, especially around the holidays, and to take care of themselves.”

Posted on December 15, 2016 .