Buddies Update

Burlingame High School’s Buddies program had the last event of the school year last Friday, April 29 during lunch. The Buddies Carnival last Friday along with all the Buddies event were put on by the advanced leadership class and Buddies Commissioner Matilda Horace.

“Being Buddies Commissioner was a little bit more difficult than I thought it would be just because it’s a two-person job,” Horace said.

Horace has made a couple of suggestions for how to improve the program next year. She believes it would be best to remove the November and February lunch event and instead maintain a pen pal system between the freshmen and the Buddies.

“The decision is up to the cabinet and next year's Buddies commissioner,” leadership teacher Kristin Berglund said  when discussing the potential changes for the buddies program next year.

“It’s a helpful program, but towards the middle of the year when the freshmen feel like they’ve already got it going on, they don’t like to feel babied” Horace said.

Next year’s freshmen can look forward to registration and Buddies orientation on August 11 and Buddies Day with guest speaker Keith Hawkins on August 26.

Posted on May 13, 2016 .