GATE summer classes

With summer rapidly approaching, the pressure to find a job or internship to look good on a college application is pending. However, the Gifted and Talented parents group is offering a different way for students to enjoy the summer while still engaging in an academic activity: summer enrichment classes. Summer classes are often viewed as something only for students who have failed a class, or a way for the super-student to get ahead of the academic pack. The GATE summer classes, however, are classes running all summer offered to all students in a wide variety of sciences, electives, and humanities.

Ms. Wade is offering two classes this summer, Introduction to Python Programming and Introduction to Java Programming. She says that her class will “give students an opportunity to learn coding if they didn’t have time in their normal schedule.” She hopes that students who take her classes will leave with “ problem solving and logic skills that students [can use to] solve problems in their own life.”

Gate is also offering college essay and SAT preparation classes over the summer. Spots are limited for both these classes so if you would like to enroll, do so soon. Andrew Chai, the junior class vice-president, recently took a SAT preparation class offered during the school year and described the experience as a “nice entry [into the SAT,] which…helped [him] get [his] feet wet.”

Most classes lasts one week lasting most of the day and cost of each class is $260 to $460, depending on the class.


A full list of the subjects, prices, and dates for the summer classes can be seen here:


Posted on May 23, 2016 .