Two Students on SoundCloud have over 100 followers

Two seniors, Jorge Ancheta and Jack Hirschmann, began posting music on SoundCloud about four months ago and have already racked up approximately 110 followers.

They started out making music just to pass the time. Since then, Ancheta and Hirschmann say they’ve been getting really good feedback, especially around the school.  Their statement is reflected in the number of plays each track has gotten. The oldest track, “AMEN,” has 116,000 plays, 1,913 likes and 184 replays.  Their most recent track, “LANE SWITCH,” which was uploaded on Oct. 13, already has 320 plays, 19 replays, and 35 likes.

The creation of a track starts with the beats, Hirschmann said. He either makes his own or buys them from websites online. After experimenting with some lyrics, the two seniors move one to recording.

“I’ve kind of set up a home studio,” Hirschmann said. “It’s more like a DIY thing.”

Ancheta and Hirschmann use Logic Pro, an Apple music editing software, and FL Studio to edit and produce their tracks, along with different plug-ins for autotune and other editing capabilities. They said the whole process usually takes about two to three days, of which recording takes one day or half a day.

“I think it makes the music more authentic,” Ancheta said of their home studio.

SoundCloud suffered a bit of a business setback in July, laying off 40 percent of its staff, according to an Aug. 11 TechCrunch article. Former CEO Alex Ljung was replaced by former Vimeo CEO Kerry Trainor, but remains a chairman.

In spite of the bobble, Ancheta and Hirschmann had only good things to say about SoundCloud. They praised the accessibility and easiness of the software.

“It’s so easy to use and so easy to spread,” Ancheta said.  

“It’s helped me connect with people all around the country,” Hirschmann said.

They like that there’s no cost to put content on or listen, and that it’s easy to like and repost. They also like that they can see from where people are listening.

SoundCloud, which is “the world’s largest music and audio platform” according to its website, is notorious for being a hotbed of breakthrough artists and off-the-grid music.  It also has other genres available for streaming, such as podcasts. The feedback and statistics available to musicians and users is another way SoundCloud is unique in the music streaming industry.

You can listen Ancheta and Hirschmann’s tracks at

Posted on October 26, 2017 .