College Acceptance Anxiety

 Senior Tesia Cheung holds up a letter of acceptance to Loyola Marymount University

Senior Tesia Cheung holds up a letter of acceptance to Loyola Marymount University

With college acceptance letters being sent out in March, many seniors are anxious to hear if they got into their top-choice school. All of the pressure and stress that built up during the application process is now reappearing as students wait for their letters.

Despite this anxiety, “the most stressful part of senior year was the first semester when we were juggling clubs, school and applications,” senior Tesia Cheung said. To help with feelings of apprehension, teachers are readily available to talk, as are counselors.

“Many BHS teachers care for their students and want to help alleviate stress,” senior Rebecca Ezersky said. Some seniors believe that a less chaotic school day would benefit their class’ demeanor during this stressful time.

“I think our school should have more fun activities for seniors, like senior sunrise,” senior Shawna Ho said. “I also think it would make a huge difference if teachers gave less homework to seniors throughout the application process.”

A less busy school day, including less homework, could drastically transform the way students react to college acceptance anxiety.

It is crucial to understand that virtually every senior is anxious, but discussing these emotions can be very beneficial. While anxiety as a diagnosed disorder is more unusual, anxiety as an emotion is very common among seniors. Symptoms of anxiety can include fatigue, insomnia, depression, fidgeting, and irritability. It is important for seniors to understand that this feeling should be temporary, and if symptoms continue to be an ongoing issue, they should seek help. Overall, the best way to combat these intimidating emotions is to be prepared.

Cheung notes that “The best advice I can give the underclassmen and incoming seniors is to start the applying early, have hope, and remember you will get in somewhere if you work hard!”

Posted on March 21, 2017 .