A Letter to Student Body

A note to the students of Burlingame:

Positivity is the mode by which humans conduct the most fulfilling, rewarding lives. In positive environments, empathy flourishes and happiness is abundant.

More than ever, the Burlingame campus needs positivity. That being said, this can only occur if our student body is enthusiastic about the cause. I encourage each of you to look to yourself and channel your most affirmative character.

Positivity can be found in shared smiles and encouraging words. To be positive is to be supportive of those around you and to be optimistic about a promising future. You should bring vibrancy and excitement to drab situations and be resilient in times of struggle. Most importantly, positivity derives from kind treatment of other people.

I would like to see a campus on which positivity is widespread and plentiful. Students and faculty alike will thrive; our community will see an unbreakable unity.

Thank you

Tori Rickman, ASB President

Posted on February 12, 2018 .