Breaking down the Parents’ Group’s financial contributions

The Parents’ Group is continuing to fund a number of academic programs with its $400,000 budget. The Parents’ Group’s funds are allocated on a need basis to fund academic activities such as field trips, the school play and the band.

During the 2017-2018 school year the group is to fund new projects as well as old ones. A large portion of the Parents’ Group’s budget, approximately $125,000, goes toward curriculum development and peer tutoring. Traci Kreppel, a counseling intern, a math teacher and the head of the peer tutoring program, was involved in Parents’ Group’s project to fund the Academic Center. According to principal Paul Belzer, the effort was a long-term but rewarding process.

“The Parents’ Group had set aside a portion of funds for adult tutors, but since these tutors were so hard to come by, we decided to implement the peer tutoring program instead,” Belzer said.

The Parents’ Group paid for Kreppel’s time at the Academic Center and covered the tutors’ pay as well.

Parent education programs are included in this part of the budget. Additional sections of classes are also made possible through the budget, which is new this year.

“We are pleased to be able to provide funds so that BHS can offer a wide variety of classes for all students,” Parents’ Group co-president Christine Thorsteinson said about the funds, which would allow for overflow classes and individual schedule changes.

This year the Parents’ Group, under the newly elected leadership of Thorsteinson, is continuing last year’s projects. “Special Projects” grants were also made available to teachers. The grants, now fall under the portion of the Parents’ Group budget that funds classroom supplies, including calculators, food and equipment for the culinary arts department, equipment for ceramics and Exploring Tech classes, Chromebooks and all science department supplies.

The remaining portions of the budget go toward student enrichment programs, including the buddies program, the PAWS volunteer and Explore programs, buying planners, graduate programs as well as staff support services, which include teacher appreciation and webmaster compensation.

According to senior Nicole Malik, Associated Student Body Treasurer, the Parents’ Group donates $10,000 to leadership annually for the buddies program. In addition to the Parents’ Group’s contributions, ASB has set aside $16,400 for clubs. The funds provided by the Parents’ Group has made for a stable financial jumpstart to the school year.

Posted on October 26, 2017 .