Academic honesty policy under revision by administration and staff

Due to the prevalence of cheating on campus, the school administration is looking to revise the academic honesty policy.

“[The administration] is trying to make certain that [the policy] is representative of how we want to best address issues of academic integrity violations,” principal Paul Belzer said.

The goal in revising the old policy is to modify it so that teachers know exactly how to act when cheating occurs and encourage improvement among students.

“It is a very important issue to pursue and we want to see if we need to make adjustments to support students’ needs and be applied to students today,” dean Fred Wolfgramm said. “We want to be certain that there is a clear and effective policy that we can use to address academic dishonesty and violations.”

According to the current policy, students who are caught cheating are sent to the dean to sign a contract which tells them that they will receive a drop F if the are caught cheating in any class a second time.

The administration feels that the problem with the current policy is that it does not allow students to make mistakes.

“We are trying to help students be more responsible and learn by making mistakes, but not get in too much trouble to where there is no room for growth,” Wolfgramm said. “We wanted to address how teachers were not implementing the old policy in the same manner and how some were more flexible than others.”

The administration is also concerned about how the current policy is being carried out.

“The current policy is not being adhered to consistently, so our goal is to support our students in addressing misbehavior and breach in the policy,” Belzer said.

So far, the details of the revised academic honesty policy are unavailable because it is under the review of teachers and most of the revisions are not set in stone. The administration is looking into adding a third level in which students are given a drop F after being caught cheating three times instead of two.

A sample of the new policy has been written and sent to teachers to get feedback. The administration is also hoping to get feedback from students later in the process.  

“We are hoping to implement the new policy as soon as possible after the teachers have reviewed it and edits are made,” Belzer said.

The new and revised policy may be implemented as early as next year.

Posted on November 26, 2017 .