kNOw Limits is no longer being put on due to lack of participation


Even before 2008, the popular and long-held tradition of the kNOw Limits event put on by the Student Impact Team will not take place this year. In addition, the Student Impact Team is no longer an active club at school.

kNOw Limits was recognized by many students as a way to meet new people and get to know peers on a deeper and more personal level. Two years ago, Nidhi Bandrapall, the club’s president, said in the club’s 2016 promotional video that the event “is an 8-hour bonding event to help break down social barriers and to kind of unite the whole school.”

Various team-building activities during this day-long event allowed students to understand the struggles of their peers that are different from and similar to their own. The event that promoted kindness and diversity inspired those who attended it.

Last year’s co-president Reivo Trio said in the video that “it allows people that don’t talk to each other every day at school to go deeper than the shallow conversations.” Both Bandrapall and Trio graduated last year.

“After participating in kNOw Limits, I really felt more connected to my peers,” senior Halle Friedeberg said. “I gained perspective on the entire school community and saw how everyone’s lives can be so alike and different.”

Many students were eager to attend the event or even be a part of the Student Impact Team.

“I really wanted to put on an event like this because I had seen many pictures and heard stories about what a great event it was,” senior and former Student Impact Team member Vivian Yuen said.

However, in more recent years the participation in this well-known event decreased dramatically. Last year, the team struggled to gather participants, guest speakers and donations.

The decision to terminate this event was made by the club advisor David Kimura. Many students including former members of the Student Impact Team are unsure of why the event is no longer being put on.

“We didn’t really have a say since we were graduating, but I think it was related to lack of attendance,” former co-chair Charlie Jones said.

Every year, the Student Impact Team worked hard to publicize kNOw Limits and encourage their friends to attend while working toward the goal of 100 participants. For the past few years, the team has struggled to reach this goal. In 2017, the event did not attract even half of this number. The lack of demand for kNOw Limits led the teacher advisor and administration to make the choice to stop holding the event.

Although the participation decreased, students would have liked to try to continue to promote the kNOw limits event and put it on again.

“I was really hoping to continue the event and was pretty sad to hear that the club wasn’t coming back,” Yuen said.

Posted on November 26, 2017 .