Senior Brandon Beswick writing a novel, Reincarnation

Senior Brandon Beswick is currently writing chapter twenty of his novel Reincarnation, which he began working on about two years ago.

Reincarnation is about a futuristic company that claims to have discovered that reincarnation is possible, and can determine who is reincarnated from whom.  Societies are ranked based on how “successful” the reincarnation tests are, and people follow the leader of who is reincarnated from the most “famous” person.  Leaders claim to be reincarnated from gods or past kings, but reincarnation tests prove that they’re not actually reincarnated from who they said they were.  

“It throws the world into chaos, and everyone has been so dependent on this company.  This company is like a mix of Google, Apple, everything” Beswick said.  

Beswick got the idea for the book when he was on vacation in Peru with his family.

“I was stuck on a bus for three hours, and there was no service, nothing.  We were in the middle of nowhere, and everyone else in the bus was asleep, so I was just there with my thoughts to myself,” Beswick said.  He explains how at that point, they’d visited both Lima, which is the capital of Peru and a large, globalized city and Cusco, an old city known for its ruins and archaeology remains.  

“I was sort of thinking about what would happen if the two cities combined, right away; what would happen to the people, the religion, the language.  So then I started thinking and thinking, and I wanted to try to see what would happen if science and religion combined.”

Even though Beswick started about two years ago, he wasn’t writing the entire time.  He spent the first six months mapping out the entire story, making a large timeline of what would happen, doing character analysis, brainstorming themes, and thinking out all the details.  He then started writing.

“They all say the first chapter is the hardest to write… I spent two months on it,” Beswick said.

Brandon’s sister Claire, who’s a junior, also emphasized how much time Brandon has put into the details of the book.

“He puts a lot of thought into everything he does in the book, and he always says every single word is so important and I need to make sure every single word is right,” she said.

Brandon, who attempted to write a book in eighth grade, learned the importance of planning everything out first.

“For that one, I just jumped right into it, and it didn’t really work out.”

Other than the book attempt in eighth grade, Beswick didn’t develope a serious interest in writing until sophomore year, when he wrote a poem that he shared in a lot of different places, which he says was his “big starting point for really serious writing.”

Beswick chose to leave soccer so that he could have more time to write.  Even though he does not regret the decision, he cautions against making bold choices like he did.

“It was my decision to leave soccer to write this, and soccer, at that point, I thought was my life… if you’re grappling with a decision, I wouldn’t say make the decision, but think about potential outcomes, because I didn’t think about outcomes for a while and probably a month into really thinking about it I was thinking, ‘You know what? It’s writing a book.  I have to do this.  It’s such a good idea, I have to do this.’”  His advice to other young authors is “schoolwork first.”

Beswick plans to pursue writing in college, both creative writing and screenwriting. He’s “pretty much decided” on the University of Redlands.

Posted on April 13, 2017 .