Senior events approaching as the year comes to a close

As the year comes to an end, many senior traditions and events are planned and beginning to take place. Seniors partake in a wide variety of activities that are both affiliated with the school and outside groups.    

School associated senior events take place the last week of school. The senior class cabinet treasurer is partially responsible for helping plan these events. “We work with the parents group and admin to do the senior brunch, which has the baby slide show and stuff like that. We also do the senior picnic. We also have the plaque in the cement out in the front,” said treasurer Andrew Chai.

The culmination of senior events, which includes the senior picnic, the senior brunch, and the cement sidewalk signing, all take place during the last week of school.

Chai also discussed how the events will be funded and what role the class cabinet will have, “What our goal as the senior class cabinet is not really to make money. Basically whatever we have after prom will help to do the senior picnic. It’s usually only like 5 or 10 bucks for the tickets. I don’t know what it will be this year.”  

The class cabinet will use the leftover funds after prom to fund senior week. The amount of money leftover from senior week will then be left for the senior class cabinet next year.

Along with the typical events, seniors have traditionally presented the school with a senior present. However, for the past two years the senior class has not delivered a present. Chai explained the reason behind the lack of present, “There weren’t really specific reasons. It was kind of just that it takes a lot to get it done. It has to go through not only us but the administration and getting that all approved is hard. I know the last few years they wanted a mural, and that just never got done because it's just too much planning.”

Along with the variety of senior events planned by the school, there are also a few non-affiliated senior activities and traditions. For example, grad night is hosted the night of graduation and is run through the parent group. Seniors are taken to a surprise location and return later on in the night. Last year, the parent group took the students to

One last tradition the senior class usually partakes in is Senior Ditch Day. Senior Ditch Day usually takes place on May 5. Students take the day to go to the beach or hang out with friends.

Posted on April 28, 2017 .