Canvas receives mixed views from students

 Senior Keara Brosnan uses her Canvas account for select classes.

Senior Keara Brosnan uses her Canvas account for select classes.

This year, the district has decided to pilot Canvas, the school management system used by the California State University schools. In order to integrate the new system, a few teachers have been selected to use it for their classes this year, while the rest still rely on Schoolloop.

For almost all students, schoolloop dominates their lives at Burlingame High School. Students check and update their schoolloop accounts daily to check their schedules, homework, reminders for tests and quizzes, and announcements of school events. It has become an indispensable part of communication between students, parents, and teachers. Canvas, which has proven to be radically different from schoolloop, has caused confusion among students and teachers, especially because of the dual-use of the two sites.

Senior Tyler White, who has been using schoolloop all throughout his middle and high school careers, finds that having to switch between both accounts is tedious.

“When Canvas was first introduced, I was confused as to why we had to use that instead of Schoolloop,” White said. “Having all classes on Schoolloop and then having one or two on canvas seems somewhat pointless.”

“It is frustrating to have one class on Canvas and my other classes on Schoolloop,” Senior Nate Potter agreed.

However, while the dual-system that has been implemented this year may be tiresome at first, many students like Potter have noticed that there are advantages to Canvas that Schoolloop lacks. “Submitting files through google drive is much easier. Also, you can edit your scores to see how your grade will change in the grade book” Potter said.

Similar to the new features students can use on Canvas, there are many advantages to the new system that facilitate the teaching process as well.

“Canvas comes at learning management at a very different angle,” teacher Ms. Farley said. “It has the capability to deeply integrate the curriculum itself.”

One feature on Canvas that Farley appreciates from an educator’s standpoint is the interactive element that it brings.

“For example, it is easy for a teacher to use a threaded discussion and have everyone see that work, but also grade them in a timely fashion,” Farley said.

Canvas provides a unique new way of connecting teachers, students, and parents that is very different from the data-focused management of Schoolloop. “Schoolloop’s job is primarily to communicate information, Canvas tries to integrate all that together to try and explain what notes or project caused that data or grade” Farley said.

Posted on September 26, 2017 .