Paid Tutoring Incentivises Students to Help their Fellow Peers

Unlike previous years, this year’s peer tutors are now being paid hourly for the tutoring of their fellow students.

Peer tutors are available every day, with the exception of Friday, after school in the academic center to help students with their academics for free. The students being tutored will not have to pay as their hourly commission of $11.25 will come from the BHS Parent’s Group.

The shift to paying tutors is less about solving problems with previous years tutoring, as it is a simple case of compensating tutors for their commitment. However, math teacher Ms. Kreppel, one of the leaders of the tutoring group, believes that pay will add structure to tutoring.

“We haven't had paid tutors before, we just had volunteer tutors.” said Ms. Kreppel. “So with the structure of tutors being there on certain days, and kids going to their tutors weekly, hopefully, we will get more students going to the academic center.”

Tutors had to go through interviews and were selected by Ms. Kreppel and Ms. Cosenza. In the end, sixteen students were selected, with the ability to tutor peers in Math, Science, English, Social Science, Health, and Languages.

Kreppel said, “They are an amazing batch of individuals that are able to tutor lots of different topics.”

Although it may not be the primary reason, by allowing compensation for their work more students were attracted to this opportunity.

“I think the pay has incentivized others to do tutoring,” said junior peer tutor Maxim Yu. “I'm not sure if it is the main reason for others to join, but it is certainly a reason that I joined.”

The peer tutors have each been assigned a day of the week to tutor in the academic center, with four students working at a time.

“There will be consistently available people there to help out at all times and then kids will be comfortable with going to the same tutor every week when they know they are going to be there.” Kreppel said.

The new tutors are available to help any student from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the academic center.

Posted on September 26, 2017 .