Sophomore Ines Escobedo leads walkout against gun violence

 Burlingame Mayor Brownrigg receives list of demands for representatives.

Burlingame Mayor Brownrigg receives list of demands for representatives.

On Friday, April 20, sophomore Ines Escobedo led a group of students in a walk-out to speak out against the country’s current gun laws and to call for reform.

“My friends and I started asking around because we wanted to participate in the walk out but we found out that no one had planned anything,” Escobedo said. “So we decided to plan it.”

Students walked to Washington Park, where Escobedo first led a moment of silence for the lives lost in the Columbine shooting. April 20 is the 19th anniversary of the shooting that killed 13 people. After the moment of silence, Escobedo gave a passionate speech to the group, calling on students to “be the voice” in calling for gun law reform.

“This is not a moment, or a blip,” Escobedo said in her speech. “This is a movement. We all deserve to live in safety, no matter the color of our skin or the zip code we live in.”

In addition to marching, students shared their perspectives on what changes they would like to see to compile a list of demands for local representatives.

Students marched from Washington Park to Burlingame City Hall. They were met with supportive honks form divers on El Camino Real, and residents along the street came outside to cheer and support students in their march. Burlingame Mayor Michael Brownrigg met the group when the arrived at City Hall. He congratulated students on their efforts to make a change, and received the students’ list of demands.

Students who walked out returned to Washington Park, but did not return to class. Instead, they continued a conversation on how to make their voices heard and how to combat the gun violence in America.

“I’m hoping that this shows people that we’re not going to stop, we’re going to keep fighting for gun control,” senior Meghan Hockridge said. “We hope people realize that this is not an issue that we are going to let slide by.”

Posted on April 20, 2018 .