Carter slated to take over leadership class

 Nicole Carter works with students at lab stations in her health class.

Nicole Carter works with students at lab stations in her health class.

Health teacher Nicole Carter will be taking on a new role next year as Activities Director, supervisor of the leadership class.

While she is somewhat nervous for the new role, Carter is very excited for what is to come.

“I definitely think that we’ve got a strong foundation with a lot of activities and vision and I’m excited to bring in some more ideas and to tap into a greater student population,” Carter said.

Carter already has new ideas for improving campus life for students that she hopes to build upon next year.

“I’d like to see some more activities at lunch,” Carter said. “We’ve got a bunch of students who are stressed out and academic all of the time and we need to let [them] find some outlets to be able to play and lighten the mood.”

Whether such activities include sports or work with the culinary program to create student-staff volleyball games or “Meatless Mondays,” Carter aims to use lunchtime as an opportunity to bring students and staff members closer together. By doing so, she hopes to cultivate deeper relationships and allow people on our campus to enjoy themselves.

“I’m big on building relationships and community,” Carter said. “That’s going to be my focus.”

Many students in leadership look forward to seeing what Carter does with the role.

“[ASB Cabinet members] are super excited to work with her next year,” Co-ASB president Evan Mahaffey said. “She is awesome and is going to be a great leadership teacher.”

Posted on May 24, 2018 .