Art of Video students compete in Clear The Air Film Fest

On April 7, Art of Video students attended Breathe California’s Clear The Air Film Fest at the New People Cinema in San Francisco. Multiple Burlingame students were finalists in the competition, and Ryan and Justin Kang’s film “Air” was recognized as CVS Health Audience favorite.

  Agustin Ortiz and Johnny Moreci win the high school category with their film “Cigarettes Are Destroying The World.”

 Agustin Ortiz and Johnny Moreci win the high school category with their film “Cigarettes Are Destroying The World.”

Students participating in the competition made films about a variety of harmful contributors to air pollution.

“I made a video that brought attention to the issue of car pollution,” Mills said. “It talked about how it affects a person’s health as well as the environment in negative ways, then lists ways to help with this issue.”

Agustin Ortiz and Johnny Moreci won first place in the High School Category and a prize of $1,000 for their film, “Cigarettes Are Destroying The World.”

“Our video was about the effects of cigarettes that people don’t often think about,” Ortiz said. “Of course it kills the person doing it and the people around them, but we talked about the way that it affects the environment too.”

“Our writing process was that we wanted to make a video that takes a serious subject while adding our own comedic twist to it,” Moreci said. “I feel like when you can make light of a rough subject while being informative, it makes a bigger impact on the audience.”

Lukas Mills won first place in the General Public Category and was the Overall Festival winner with the film, “Car Pollution and the Air You Breathe” that he made with Junior Aidan Burke and his father, Gregory Mills.

“I had an incredible experience and received positive feedback from the judges. It gave me more confidence in my films and introduced me to a world of film I had not yet been exposed to,” Mills said. “I was used to making short films, but this allowed me to create a narrative while also teaching people about something important.”

Through the festival, students were able to learn more about the environment, filmmaking, and themselves.

“I don’t want people to be afraid to be weird,” Moreci said. “We just like to make things that make us laugh and make us happy. It’s awesome when we can do something that we enjoy while people pick up on it and think it’s funny and we win an award. That’s the sort of thing that drives us to make more videos.”

Posted on May 3, 2018 .